ETC Crew - What’s in A Name?

2008-01-08 09:22
Alright so they sometimes use jargon that’s completely removed from South African context like ‘niggas’ and ‘jury’ and they’ve got more than a hint of that annoying American twang, but we forgive them because their conscious lyrics actually make sense. They introduce themselves to the hip-hop scene as “representing the indigenous tongue of hip hop” in “Extra Terrestrials Calling”. Individuality and non-conformity is what they preach on this funky beat-bopping joint.

Once you’re familiar with what they’re about tune into the rhythmic “Taboo” (featuring T.O.P & Nollie) where they throw in an impressive mix of Xhosa and English rhymes. Next listen to a politically-conscious jam “To The Black Man” about how society automatically sees a black man as “a hijack man, an associated criminal act man”. These straight-rapping young guns tell us there’ll be no Rainbow Nation until we deal with such stereotypes. Also listen to “Think About” (featuring Unknown Aries) which professes hip hop isn’t about ‘baggy jeans, drug dealers, street corners and murder scenes’. Finally, if you are a beat boxing lover, you just have to listen to the immaculate vocal fx in “Organic Boom Bap”.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

They’re fresh, energetic and they’re determined to change the face of Cape Town hip hop! What’s in A Name is a unique blend of jazz and head-nodding hip hop. These boys are definitely not about ‘bitches and ho’s’ or glamourised drive-by shootings. Instead they give us a sermon on what real hip hop is all about.

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