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2006-03-29 19:05

Or so I thought until I discovered to my horror that Eastlife's Some Hearts was conceived in all earnestness - as a serious boyband music release.

This band features famous names like Highveld Stereo DJ Jeremy Mansfield and er... that's it. Joining him are Harry, Paul, and Jarrid (selected by listener survey.)

Never have thinner, more childish vocals been sung by fatter, more aging men. Without the crackfiller of state of the art studio production, they'd be completely unlistenable. They cover and destroy classics like "Under the Boardwalk" (shouldn't that be Baldwaddle?), "Can't smile without you" (featuring the inspired lyric "Can't sing...).

Eastlife descend to the pits of bad taste with a flat, rhythmically dead and digitised cover of Bright Blue's 80s anti-apartheid hit "Weeping", and never rise again.

This is an album so revolting that if the same people who decide what gets played on radio weren't actually in the band, we would have been spared it ever being released.

Now, I know I'm meant to be nice about this. The proceeds from the album go to charity, you see. Says the Highveld Stereo website: "Proceeds from ticket and CD sales will be used to set up a trust fund for adults and children in need of cochlea implants. It is the vision of Primedia Broadcasting to give the power of sound to the hard of hearing community, improving their quality of life."

Let's hope nobody who has their hearing restored as a result of the sales of Some Hearts is ever forced to listen to it, or they might perform some emergency cochlea implant reversal surgery.

If these guys want to do anything other than satisfy their own egos, how about sponsoring an album, and promising to give it airplay, that features real South African artists, instead of producing something that sounds like it was done by a 50 year old who got a Casiotone for his midlife crisis.

- Jean Barker


"What? What?! No! Ha ha ha ha ha! No!"
- Alistair Fairweather, MWEB Movies editor

"The best CD ever played on Highveld Stereo"
- Jeremy Mansfield's Mom*

* not a real quote

We don't usually review comedy on MWEB, but it's time to make an exception, for Eastlife (geddit, it's like Westlife, only not!), a hilarious new singing sensation brought to you by Highveld Stereo.

Spider 2004/07/09 8:06 AM
Barking up the wrong tree. Very sorry that the poepels, i mean people, from Mweb takes such a take on the Eastlife CD. Jean Barker, your barking up the wrong tree!! Get a life, Eastlife! Eastlife, for sure!!
Cheryl Erlank 2004/07/09 8:07 AM
Mrs I think they did a fine job of the CD and it is for a very good cause. Let us see Jean Barker do a better job. UP - Shania Twain
Jacques 2004/07/09 8:10 AM
Easlife This is the best that could ever have happened to jo-burg. Go boys keep our name high !
Louise Dalton 2004/07/09 8:21 AM
Eastlife Well, it is sad to read these comments made in such bitter bad taste. This CD was made for a good cause and should not be critized in this manner.....it is in bad taste.
Marli 2004/07/09 8:22 AM
Excellent Jean, Jean, you are so mean, When you sing in your shower Your neighbours scream! At least you have the gift of sound, But you propably don't know how to use it!
Marli 2004/07/09 8:22 AM
Excellent Jean, Jean, you are so mean, When you sing in your shower Your neighbours scream! At least you have the gift of sound, But you propably don't know how to use it!
V 2004/07/09 8:22 AM
Jean you suck What a mean old lady you must be. So what if its not to your taste, what have you done for charity lately. Miserable people like you are pathetic.
Craig 2004/07/09 8:24 AM
Eastlife Its about the cause, not the music
Margaux 2004/07/09 8:25 AM
Brilliant! A brilliant, innovative idea by Highveld. Aside from it being for a good cause it is great to support South Africans. Jean - I think you are extremely unfair in your assessment - possibly a case of the green eyed monster coming out to play? Eastlife - Some Hearts
Titian 2004/07/09 8:26 AM
Keep your chin up boys! (Go play with yourself Jean Barker) I think the whole idea behind Eastlife is absolutely mindblowing - and the CD itself, brilliant!!! Well done Harry, Jeremy, Paul and Jarrid!!! The fact that the boys actually went ahead and made this happen and succeeded tremendously is brilliant - maybe Jean Barker thinks she could do better? I cannot believe Mweb would publish something so distasteful, disgusting and negative as an article like this! Jean Barker, GO GET A LIFE!!!! Go EASTLIFE!!!! EASTLIFE - SOME HEARTS
Naomi 2004/07/09 8:28 AM
Eastlife - Some Hearts I have only heard some of the songs on this CD, and I this is't excelent for the team from RUDE AWAKENING To make such great success of this CD..... Jean Barker will get a Rude Awakening after all this...............
Bernard 2004/07/09 8:30 AM
Stop Barking! Of all criticism that I have read on many a website this has to be the least tasteful I have ever laid my eyes on. Its sad to think that people who are trying to make a real difference in our town are being sledged by others who have probably never even lifted a finger. The guys @ 94.7 have put real effort into them and I am sure that its only a few bad apples that oppose their means and methods. Good Job Jem @ the rest of you.
Henk 2004/07/09 8:33 AM
What comes around......... It is people like this woman, who should never have been blessed with Gods gift to hear.
Anton 2004/07/09 8:37 AM
CRITICS are born unhappy The CD is just Great and the initiative also. Jean Barker what is your problem it looks like you have a pole shoved up where the sun don’t shine. Eastlife - Some Hearts
Bushbaby 2004/07/09 8:37 AM
Eastlife is our boys: Jean Baker you have just committed career suicide as a review writer. Not only is your review comments in bad taste, but it also reveals that you have no taste when it comes to good music. Eastlife we love you. Some Hearts
Brick 2004/07/09 8:38 AM
A worthy cause Jean, you had the means to listen to this CD. Others don't. Your comment of the reversal surgery is in very poor taste. Very poor.
SHIRLEY WELCH 2004/07/09 8:39 AM
Grant 2004/07/09 8:44 AM
Bad taste I have not listened to the CD. But when someone gives such a bad review for a CD meant for such a good cause. It is obvious they would never understand the true meaning of of charity. I found it suprising that MWEB supports this reviewer. Eastlife, keep up the good work.
Charlie Hein 2004/07/09 8:46 AM
Peter Pan Though I wouldn't go out and buy it I would however place a donation inside CD Stores collection boxes for the charity they are trying to support in this case. I doubt it?
Liz 2004/07/09 8:49 AM
Shocking Jean, you have totally lost the plot!!!! It was not Jeremy's intension to become a pop star he was just trying to help others..... Its not easy to release an album and I think Eastlife should be credited for there time and efforts to help others. Well done Eastlife!!!!!!!!
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