Ellie Goulding – Lights

2010-04-21 13:45

This 23-year-old Brit Award 'Sound of 2010' winner has that lofty title and her forebears to live up to, and promptly dishes out an aural excursion that's taken a huge gulp of over-caffeinated energy drink and gone and lift off this planet.

Sitting somewhere amongst the embers of Kate Bush's soft-cell dreamscapes, Goldfrapp's wanderlust, and La Roux's electro punch, Goulding is another in an alarmingly long line of new artists who emerge with polished, fully realised pop personas. Guess there's just no room to find your footing in an overcrowded marketplace when this year's 'It Girl' is just one underperforming single away from being declared a resolute failure.

With her head hovering above the clouds and the rest of her getting down on the dancefloor, Goulding's marshmallow coo is going to find it tough being heard over the hard candy being dished over the airwaves. So, the lack of colour extensions in her hair and crotch shots in her album artwork will clear the path for discerning listeners to appreciate her for what matters – her music. And what a lovely, sweet racket it is.

"Starry Eyed" is her most recognizable song (it features in controversial new superhero movie Kick-Ass) and is but a taste of her lush, romantic tales of boys, sex, love and finding her creative spark – which is just what a girl her age should be singing about.

That she is able to craft songs like "The Writer", "This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)" and "Guns and Horses" with this level of maturity and clarity will both charm you and have you lamenting your wasted youth.

One look at blonde, perky, pouty-mouthed Ellie Goulding and the images of recently heralded sirens – Florence and the Machine, Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha – will likely flash before you like a bad, recurring dream. Our pretty pop cup runneth over.

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