Elliot Yamin

2007-11-21 10:31
Oh, if only it were so.

Each track on Elliot's debut actually has a team of songwriters behind it; a team in which Elliot plays only a bit part if any part at all. The songs are packed with pop conventions, including some of the worst. We're talking lyrics like “The rain is falling from the sky / it's getting harder to stay dry” that don't wander far from the love track. Or the stupid track actually. On the plus side, the arrangements deliver smooth acoustic soul that ticks along without the aid of fingersnaps. The the occasional track (“Free” for instance) is more than just the typical romance routine.

On the not-so-plus side, this is all a big fat scam. Are we meant to believe that - just because Elliot's got a beard and he's not conventionally hot - he's got to be sensitive and deep?

Well don't be fooled. Elliot isn't talentless. But he's also no more interesting than cutie-pies like Jesse McCartney, and he's not the next John Legend.

- Jean Barker

So here's the spin: Elliot had too much soul for Idols, and everyone wrote him off. Until, boom! Elliot turned out to be the hidden talent of the show, and went on to be the next big thing in singer-songwriting.

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