Elvis Presley - Love, Elvis

2006-03-29 23:11

Love, Elvis... doesn't waste any time and dumps you right in the deep end of schmaltz with the very first track, "Are you Lonesome Tonight?", which, in case you've forgotten, features that extremely sentimental spoken section. But what once made the ladies swoon with desire is now just as likely to provoke derisive laughter. When listening, it's important to remember that most of these tracks were recorded almost 50 years ago, back in the days when dancing "suggestively" could get you banned from television (nowadays, it's practically a requirement).

All the Elvis songs you expect to be here are: "Can't Help Falling in Love"; "I Just Can't Help Believin'"; "Love Me Tender" - you know, the usual drill. There are also a few numbers that other people made famous but Elvis that also covered, like "Unchained Melody"; "Fever" and "There Goes My Everything", and a few lesser known tracks - but if you like cheesy Elvis love songs, no problem - you're going to love these.

If you're even a moderate fan you've probably already heard at least half of this album's contents, but if you're looking for a CD compilation this is a pretty good choice. The tracks are all remastered, there's a previously unreleased track (an alternate take of "For the Good Times"), and no filler material.

- Chris McEvoy

Although Elvis Presley is most famous for rock 'n roll, he also recorded more soppy love songs in his career than even Paul McCartney would deem healthy. And here are over 70 minutes of them, 24 tracks all on one CD, which should be more than enough for anyone.

Ingrid Rossouw 2005/06/19 7:10 PM
mrs as excellent as his music always is definitely
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