Enigma - Voyager - Enigma's latest cures insomnia

2006-03-29 18:26

Forget prescription pharmaceuticals, if you're suffering from sleepless nights then Voyageur is sure to be the perfect antidote.

Actually, to term such nauseatingly atmospheric sound surges "chill-out" friendly music is probably unfair. Adrift in a stagnant sea of saccharine ambient ebbs and all too familiar break beat lite - and even faux orchestral - flows Voyageur can't escape coming across as an exercise in psycho-acoustic feng shui. "Incognito" attempts to marry a muted stadium rock flair to a tribal rhythm, while "Boum Boum" is simply let down by a truly crap lyric - "My Heart goes boum boum boum every time I think of you" just doesn't warrant repeated listening.

At least "Page of Cups" and "In the Shadow, in the Light" float down more familiar "new age" territory, cooking up a cross-cultural melting pot of sorts that almost taps into the same evocative flavour as Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour's "7 Seconds".

For the rest the seamless preponderance of cheese-soaked hi-NRG keyboard swathes ("Look of Today") and self-consciously vaporous rhythms ("Total Eclipse of the Moon", "The Piano") make it difficult to imagine even the aromatherapy bath and sandalwood incense stick set listening for very long.

Yawn! Would you like a nice hot cup of Horlicks before bed? Ooh, that would be lovely, thank you. You're welcome. So, how many sugars would that be - one lump or two?

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