Enon - Grass Geysers… Carbon Clouds

2007-12-21 12:04
So they set the pace with a five-song salvo chased by hissing, smashy drums that are often bigger than the insanely singable vocal lines but never drown the rest of the mix. This pace is liable to change, though. Like when they unpredictably start thrashing lo-fi-style on "Those Who Don’t Blink", then clip the drums and crunch it on "The Law of Jonny Dolittle" - only to end with an expanding jam instead of a chorus, and slip effortlessly into the straight rock-out of "Peace of Mind". Don’t forget to breathe.

Glam, heady, humourous, joyous and cute, vocalist Toko Yashuada can sing a lyric like "ping ping pum pum" and still be more rock ‘n roll than anything the average ou can handle, and guitarist Johnny Schmersal isn’t bad himself, but the best thing about him is probably how sexy his lead guitar is – listen to the song clips to hear the awesomely silly opening riff on "Sabina". And this isn’t the beginning of collapse. The bouncing bass and counterpointive whispers of "Dr Freeze", and the slappity-slap of "Mirror On You" are still to come.

Finally a band that really takes risks, but makes no mistakes.

- Jean Barker

There’s a big difference between real indie and commercial indie. Econ are the real thing. And they’re wild, weird, and wonderfully full of energy as they rock, sulk and rocket through the 12 tracks on this fourth album in around 30 minutes. And why not? Why repeat yourself when a verse and a chorus and some mad effects are all it takes? These guys know pop perfectly that they’re quite comfortable turning it inside out, the way White Stripes so sexily did with seventies rock.

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