Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac

2007-07-24 12:00
While the album's artwork comes off as trendy yet simplistic, the music is dull and tedious. Once again in the writers' seat, Iglesias co-penned all the tracks – from the X-rated "On Top of You" to the schmaltzy "Wish I Was Your Lover".

He even attempts to cross over into the hip-hop genre with "Push" (featuring Lil' Wayne), while a couple of tracks later Iglesias covers the indie pop group Ringside's "Tired of Being Sorry". And then there's the annoying Ping Pong song "Do You Know?", which also happens to be the first single.

But it's the Thunderpuss Edit of "Hero" that puts the cherry on this monotonous album. No credible artist would try to ride the wave of success of a single released six years ago! Well, maybe Britney Spears would, but she's not exactly a "credible artist", more like a backup dancer…

Throughout Iglesias's career he has sung his heart out about love lost and found, bared his soul with each heartbreak. But does anybody who's listened to Enrique, Escape or 7 really care anymore? It's the same artist singing the same music.

Insomniac is a bland album that would otherwise go unnoticed were it not for Iglesias's previous World Music and Grammy Award success. Oh, and maybe that hot tennis chick he dated, what was her name again?

- Megan Kakora
Sentimental and slightly perverted is how one could describe this Latin heartthrob's eighth studio album. And it only gets worse if you listen to it more than once.

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neo 2007/09/10 7:57 PM
do you knw i do knw......i like the way he just put the words on that song....you would beat someone...if let say you man/woman show up.....that is a beat down song...
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