Ernie Smith - Everything Around Me

2008-07-23 06:28
Everything Around Me profoundly defines the level of maturity Ernie’s music has reached. "Beautiful Woman" and "Like Everything Around Me" showcase his extraordinary talents on guitar and bass. His family seems to have been a major inspiration: "Bernadette" is dedicated to his sister and "Kissa" to his wife. The aforementioned jazzy R&B fusion spills over magnificently on "Mountain Top" which is my best album pick.

Actually, there’s everything for everyone here: "Baba Nelson" about the former state president Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela reminded me it’s an old man’s 90th birthday this month (may he have many more). Other smooth standouts include the smooth "Through your night" (featuring Leaveil Eaton), the sexy "I’m So in Love", and the romantic "Please Say" and "There's Only You."

Whether you’re an Ernie fan or just enjoy easy jazz sounds with rhythm and blues influences this is a worthwhile listen.


When he first arrived on the jazz scene back in 2001 I thought to myself: "Ernie will be the South African answer to creatively fusing jazz with a mellow R&B resonance". Eight years later he hasn’t disappointed. Propelled by the smooth sounds of South African mentors like Jonathan Butler, it’s not difficult to enjoy this multi-award winning guitarist's latest CD.

IVAN SHARKEY 2008/10/14 4:05 PM
Everything Around Me Brilliant all round effort,this cd encapsulats all musical genres and has a cross cultural appeal.The young and old school music affecoindos are equally at home as all can identify with the message in Ernie's music.I recall how,when Luther Vandros's "Dance with my father"came out,I said to my family this is the song of the year,but that mindset changed in an instant when i heard Ernie"s Kwazulu my hometown"
Debbie 2008/10/24 2:18 PM
excellent !!! Absolutely outstanding.
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