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Eros Ramazzotti: Ali e Radici

2009-06-15 11:33
When God was handing out talent and looks, sexy Italian stallion, Eros Ramazzotti was definitely in the queue. His passion for what he does is expressed in his songs as he sings about what one knows best, love of course.  And being so damn appealing clearly works in his favour. 

When Alesha Dixon said “Italians do it better”, she definitely wasn’t kidding and must’ve had Eros in mind. With his Italian good looks, salt and pepper hair, hunkie Eros Ramazzotti is more than just a pop equivalent of Italian specialty, “pizza and pasta”. He can really sing. In the industry since 1984, he has released 10 studio albums, one EP, two live albums, and 35 singles - all of which have been doing mighty well in the charts across many European countries as well as North and South America. So clearly its time South Africans get a piece of this Eros cake as well.

While he may dismiss his voice as rather “nasal with a bit of aggression”, its unbridled passion, not macho antagonism that fuels this romantic masterpiece. “Appunti e note” is one poppish, racy opener. Despite not understanding a word of what he’s singing, his passionate delivery conjures up a widescreen love story of fast cars, racing in a desert and a beautiful Italian girl in distress. Mama mia. Now that’s sexy. While “Parla Con Me” (translated: “talk to me”) makes you feel as if you’ve heard this all before, there is nothing more dramatic and heart-rending than a man spilling his aching heart out. His sultry voice makes you fall in love with the language (and happily admit you don’t understand a word of it) that his forceful pronunciation of “Parla” leaves every woman with the yearning desire to say “yes, yes, I will talk to you”.

Eros has worked with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and done a duet with Tina Turner - quite a hot rep for this fine Italian. But in case you’re not completely convinced that he can sweep you off your feet, listen to “L’Orizzonte” and “Controvento”. They’re completely different, yet both have that sound of a man scorned with nothing left to do but bear his soul. “L’Orizzonte” is a slow love ballad that will take your breathe away; while “Controvento” is such a catchy love song you find yourself falling in love with the idea of falling in love. Now that’s bliss (hey, every once in a while it’s okay to love that idea of falling in love)

Come on, why not get wrapped up in the romantic thrill of an Italian dude who can serenade you anytime you want?
Want to hear what a hot, yet sexily aggressive Italian sounds like? Eros Ramazzotti should be the name on your lips!

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