Etienne Steyn - Bietjie Van My

2008-04-07 17:40
You will find the occasional unexpected influence – “The Hitch-Hike Song” flirts with (stereotypical) township jazz – but on the whole these are your garden variety RSG songs, such as the likely single “Bietjie van Jou”. There’s even a song about the death of a lovable dog that lives in a quiet coastal town. Maybe Jakkie Louw should write a song about that.

One track that does stand out is “Sy Wou Blomme Op My Skape Verf”, featuring some of the weirdest lyrics I’ve heard in a while. “Sy kan my hoenders se vere uittrek, dis glad nie so erg” and “Ek het haar malpitte opgëeet, maar sy’t steeds haar skoene by die see vergeet” are two great examples.
Surprisingly, Steyn used to be quite the rocker and his last few tracks, all in English, reflect that. Unfortunately they still struggle to break the mould, even if they seem to do his voice some favours.

As far as sokkie music goes, Etienne Steyn may look forward to some success in the coming year. But he needs to be either more catchy or take a lot more risks to make himself stand out from the pack.

- Niel Bekker

Ettiene Steyn’s second outing borrows heavily from country music in an honest effort to push kunstefees music forward but limps quite heavily due to a lack of real experimentation and ambition.

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