Everything I've Got in My Pocket - Minnie Driver

2006-03-29 21:19

Minnie Driver is a good actress with a wealth of fine movies under her belt (and a few duds of course, but that's Hollywood, right!) ; She can only grow in stature as an actress. Why then would she risk her good name to delve into music? Because she - unlike the rest of them - has talent. She's also got a a voice that really reaches into your being and forces you to sit up and take note.

From the opening title track, the soothing sound of Minnie's vocals reaches out to you. She sings with the comfort and surity of someone who's been doing this all her life.

Well, she's been wanting to do it all her life. Minnie originally set out to pursue a career in music, but she was sidetracked by the glitz of acting. This makes it even more refreshing that she has not gone the overly commercial route with her debut CD.

Everything I've got in my Pocket is mellow and downbeat with some country overtones. Apart from her haunting rendition of Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart", all the tracks were written by her. The clever lyrics and tranquil sound will keep you absorbed throughout the 11-track CD.

Everything I've Got In My Pocket is just the beginning, Minnie's pockets are deep and full of surprises and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she has hidden in there.

- Ashlin Simpson


It's an album that's hard to dislike, but it's so exhaustingly agreeable that it tends to amass a death-by-chocolate effect.
- Adam Sweeting for Guardian UK

Hollywood actors cutting CDs is nothing new. Their lack of talent is often backed up by large sums of money and clever marketing, but even so, most have failed to find success in the music world. The lives of celebrities are already scrutinized without having the added pressure of their failures magnified by the press, and going into a new medium of artistic expression is risky.

JB 2005/03/16 4:20 PM
Pleasant but not exciting I think she's a better actress, but then again, a lot of people will enjoy this CD. It's nice sounding and not too strenuous. All husky and so on.
Mike 2005/03/27 11:18 PM
minnie driver Cant review what I cant hear, no clips on your site. Catcha wake up please
mike 2005/03/27 11:26 PM
Minnie Driver Eventually managed to download and listen, very mellow and sounds great, will buy the cd when I get to civilization again. Yes
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