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2010-07-22 13:09
 If you think about Evolver One (formerly known as Evolver) you probably want to get naked, right? Not literally, obviously...well maybe, they are definitely a handsome bunch... Anyway, back to the point: you probably know them because of their popular hit “Let’s Get Naked”. So, before you read any further, undress your mind of the Evolver brand and brace yourself, because Evolver One has arrived; and it’s a whole different ballgame.

An electro-rock instrumental intro (“Storm”) opens their self-titled third album, Evolver One, while some grungy rock ‘n roll octave riffs on guitar and bass set the mood for the rest of the songs.

You’re probably wondering, why the new name and sound? Well, it seems Evolver One wants to carry a message across through their music. On “Green Song” Peter pleads: “Look at all the damage done, makes me want to scream and shout, together we can make a change, before it’s too late”. Don’t we all feel this way?

Working with a different producer definitely paid off. The influence of international hot shot, Nathan Winkler - who’s credits include colabs with Natasha and David Bedingfield - is definitely audible on electric eighties rocker “World’s Gone Crazy” and catchy, polished pop smoothie “Criminal”. Peter also seems to have found his inner Craig Hinds voice, but in a good way, on pop-rock ballads “Stand” and “Beautiful Girl”.

“Say You Will” is very reminiscent of their earlier stuff vocally and a definite winner for all the hardcore fans is “Set Us Free”, which opens with a Muse-like rocking driving James slappin-the-bass.

Overall, it’s a smooth, well produced daring album with a full, big sound. Doesn’t sound like the Evolver One you know? Don’t worry, because in this case “the change is as good as a holiday”.

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A new name, a new sound and a fresh attitude produces this catchy, poppy, electro-rock smoothie.

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