Faith Hill - The Hits

2007-11-13 09:26
The Hits is a balanced mix of pop crossover tracks that helped Hill sell more than 30 million records and score no less than nine #1 country singles. You have to admire country's honest lyrics that'll have you crying and laughing through just one verse. It's what good music used to sound like.

While the CD will keep country pop fans square dancing in barns across the US, the special edition DVD accompanying The Hits is a train wreck. Hill's collection of 11 music videos might as well be a bad karaoke DVD. The 80s was a bad enough era in terms of fashion, so there's no need to revisit music video mistakes of the past.

- Megan Kakora

Faith Hill's attempts to infuse good wholesome country music into the popular music genre over the years have culminated in a greatest hits album that will have most listeners reminiscing about where they were and what they were doing the very first time they heard one of her songs.

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