Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll

2013-06-11 13:20
Fall Out Boy
What we thought:

After the uninspiring Folie à Deux, the newest album from Fall Out Boy (FOB) has been the comeback that most artists dream of, with Save Rock and Roll debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200. Not only did frontman Patrick Stump debut with a rocking new body but the band has reworked their old sound into something more modern with electro spunk. FOB will also be releasing a music video for each song that will form The Young Blood Chronicles, of which three are already out.

It is very clear throughout the album that they changed producers, swopping long-time producer Neal Avron for Butch Walker, famous song-writer and producer. Overall the sound is more of a dark pop and electro than rock, which is somewhat ironic, but some songs still have remnants of their punk roots.

FOB still dominate with their lyrics with phrases like "Your hot whiskey eyes have fanned the flames" and "We will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes" and the song "Rat a Tat" with Courtney Love gives the album a "poetic slam" feel.

Unfortunately there is a big BUT, in that the vocals sound extremely tinny, more so than their other albums, and in some songs like "Death Valley" it sounds like Patrick’s voice is breaking frequencies that don't exist. A lot of the songs have a big dose of backing vocals and choirs and this gets annoying after a while, as does the clappity clap that seems to have replaced the drums. In this I think the fault lies mainly with production and mastering and perhaps they should have stuck with Avron.

Best Track:

Their opening number is like an explosion of amazingness and it's no wonder that "The Phoenix" has the most radio time. The London Symphony Orchestra gives it that epic rock feeling that makes you want to punch people, in a good way. When the opening line is "Put on your war paint" you know you want this as your sound track when charging into battle for Rock and Roll.

Worst Track:

I feel bad for writing this, but if Elton John is a featured artist and the song is the title of the album, you expect awesome. That is not what you get. "Save Rock and Roll" is a very bland end to an album that starts out so strong and Elton and Patrick's voices are as ill-matched as K-Fed and Britney.

Sounds like:

Although FOB have reworked their sound, there are still some traces of Under a Cork Tree in songs like "The Mighty Fall" and "Where Did The Party Go". There's no other like Patrick’s voice, but the electro parts are very Owl City and some vocal sections makes you think of the indie band Fun. If you are into the lyrics of an album, this is definitely for you.

Listen to the album here:

Watch the first videos of The Young Blood Chronicles here:

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