Fannypack - SO just selling sex - Giving R 'n' B a lame name

2006-03-29 18:21

As the album cover shows us Fanny Pack is fronted by a trio of girl emcees: Belinda is a sassy mini-skirt wearing booty babe, Jessibel a micro hot pants Asian pin-up and Cat a kind of hip punky gal who's stepped straight out of "Pretty in Pink".

So they're sexy? Well, if you're a punter fumbling through the hip-hop shelves at your local supermarket that forgot to renew his latest magazine subscription from Adult World, then maybe. To put it bluntly, Fanny Pack is selling sex. And when one of the libidinous lassies shrieks "let's get famous" during the opening "Intro" you doubt whether they deserve it.

Maybe it's the inordinate amount of hypnotic beat squelches and repetitive chorus chants - but hearing "you sexy" (off "Hey Mami") intoned ad nauseam isn't that sexy. Similarly, "The Theme from Fannypack" is a wannabe booty strut where Jessibel, Cat and Belinda squeak rather than show off their emcee skillz. But hey such self-consciously naive rhymes do have a sort of cartoon rap appeal that's cute, silly and infectious in an unashamedly retro-pop way. And beat masters Matt and Fancy - both caricatures of your average bedroom studio knob twiddler - cook up a cut 'n paste array of colour by numbers productions - suitably bass-heavy blends swinging to triple cheese burger 80s synthesiser grooves. Still, such obviously packaged rap fodder is well, lap-dance friendly, at best.

Maybe it's their name. "Fanny Pack". Go on say it out loud, let those syllables drip off your lips. It's fun isn't it? Which is precisely what this retro-rap crew is all about.

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