Fat Joe - The Elephant in the Room

2011-08-30 13:27
Granted gangsta rap is a 'documentary' description of rough inner-city life in the States, but there's still no excuse for the promotion of violence, sexism and consumerism. There's no rule that says rappers can't be intelligent with their lyrics.

Musically The Elephant in the Room might have been a commercial success, with pretty decent beats and some cool collaborations on singles "I Won't Tell" (featuring J. Holiday), "The Crackhouse" (featuring Lil Wayne) and "Cocababy". But how much more misogyny, profanity and blatant promotion of violence and promiscuity can we listen to?

- Megan Kakora

F***ing broads, rolling in Bentleys and making paper. Mmm, where have we heard that before? Right! On the hundreds of other hip-hop albums out there by pioneering gangsta rappers like Ice-T, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E.

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Mindlo 2008/03/29 7:56 AM
Joe crack the don I think that the ladies of 24.com do not see Hip Hop for Hip Hop but rather pigeonhole artists to such an extent that while Common can say bitch and talk about whooping niggaz ass, dudes like Fat Joe and The Game will be saying these same things and the will be accued for glorification. Try to review the cintent in its own context and stop acting like you bought the CD for your son who went out and got tattoo and a gun.
godi 2008/04/05 8:23 PM
still sux mindlo has an valid point about the ladies of 24.com but the fact remains that fat joe's album sux coz he's lyrics has no substance and how many times can u hear ho's and bentley's ect cmon beatz is alright tho but lyrics cmon joe!!! i know i defniteley wont go to his concert!!!!
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