Fatboy Slim - Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder? (2 disc)

2006-09-18 13:59
Rumour is Fatboy Slim is headed to SA to play the big New Year's party. There may be three reasons for this rumour:
1. It's true, but he hasn't actually signed the deal yet.
2. It's a lie dreamed up by someone who missed it last year
3. His compilation has just been re-released in deluxe format in SA, which is often a clue that an artist is about to visit.

In this case, according to Big Concerts publicist Lara Cohen, it's just not happening. They were considering it, but they're not doing a New Year's party, for which they're not importing Fatboy Slim. And that's official.

In any event (or lack of event) he would always be very welcome in South Africa. For a start, his name sounds like it might just be Afrikaans - "Slim". And for seconds, his infuriatingly catchy "Rokkerfeller Skank" and "Praise You" complete any good party. Which is presumably why the album sacrifices chronology for pop appeal and opens with these infectious classics. Being a good DJ is partly about having good taste (so long as you're not trying to make it big in Germany) and Fatboy Slim has always had plenty of that. His creative mixing of Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha" and Groove Armada's "I see You Baby" are redesigned to have you shaking that ass harder than ever.

It's Fatboy's selections from Palookaville (the opening two), "Weapon of Choice" until it wears thin, and "Wonderful Night", "Slash Dot Dash" and carnival retro of "Don't Let the Man Get You Down" that are the most fun, and most maddening to the purists too no doubt...

But a greatest hits collection should highlight the tracks that the rest of us remember and love, and Why Try Harder does just that, just perfectly, give or take a few B-Sides that single-starved South African fans would really love to get their paws on.

The new two-disk compilation is also likely to frustrate fans that've already shelled out for the previous "greatest hits". Though the 18-track lineup only includes two new tracks - the retro-romantic single "That Old Pair Of Jeans", and the chillier "Champion Sound" - the DVD disk has a generous 10 music videos.

- Jean Barker
The quality of Fatboy Slim's work is frequently underestimated. This is the punishment critics and dance music snobs dish up when you make the radio top ten too often, thereby losing all credibility in their eyes. That doesn't make his new deluxe best of reissue any less welcome.

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