Feist - The Reminder

2007-08-03 09:57
Feist does it all carefully and ladylike like. She whines, but... maturely, with neat puns and delicate outbursts of emotion that are more likely to convince lovers of Norah Jones and Katie Melua than gather the feminist hippie tribes. Her meticulously arranged, perfectly balanced, heart-in-the nuance stuff is impossible to fault. So are her Paris-meets-folk meets anti-Bush singer-songwriter credentials. She’s collaborated with big rebel stars (Peaches, for God’s sake!) She’s got all the gold stars.

What’s not to like? Well, the dangers-of-love theme is repeated ad nauseum, and some of her lyrics verge on the ridiculous. Take “There’s a limit to your love / Like a waterfall in slow motion”. But as close to the edge as she goes, Feist is too sensible to take the plunge, or fall. She’s too crafty. She's beautiful too. And knows it.

- Jean Barker

Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones fans will probably feel a tug on their heartstrings the first time they play Feist. The much-lauded and awarded singer-songwriter leans on the notes - but not drunkenly like Ricky did – deliberately instead. She wanders in the melodies, but without shrilling her loneliness like Joni did - tastefully. And definitely not like that strangled spaniel Janis Joplin.

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