Finger Eleven - Them vs You vs Me

2009-03-24 09:07
Them vs You vs Me
It's a pity that their lack of originality and all-too obvious referencing causes the listener to lose interest quickly though.

Yes, it's natural for artists to draw musical inspiration from their contemporaries and heroes. But to sound almost exactly the same as the bands you love, can take wearing your 'influences well' too far. Throughout the album the influence of Nickleback, Linkin Park and Goo Goo Dolls dominates. Still, there is a moment though when Finger Eleven escapes the guitars and drums thrash with a great track called "Sense of a Spark". But even here those familiar electro-synth layers patented by Muse and Radiohead cannot be ignored.

Clumsy lyrics such as "When you feel so close to some resolve/And you write the words you were writing for" ("Falling On") and "I'm screaming from the outside in/Tell me where I've been/There's nowhere to return to out there" ("Lost My Way") also hamper each song. Their over zealous search for meaning results in the opposite: sentimental yearnings and clichés.

If you like tried and tested radio rock that won't surprise you then give this album a try. Otherwise wade back through your mid-nineties/early noughties rock collection and you'll be sorted.

This is good, medium-to-hard rock following a formula: a down tempo serving of post grunge with occasional acoustic sentimentality thrown in for good measure.

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