First Class House Mixed by 2-Lani - Various - Disappointing

2006-03-29 18:27

A cursory listen reveals little. Amma's "On my Own" is an infectious mid-tempo mood that struts to a disco groove, with the expected soulful diva vocals and yawning synth-jazzy flavours helping out a boringly familiar bass amble.

Of course, this is designed as a seamless party mix, so it's invariably difficult to discern where one track ends and the next actually begins, still it's not necessarily a bad thing. The mood is hypnotically laid back with mid and down tempo shuffles the order of the day. Kaskade's "Brighter Day" extends the strolling summery meander adding a carbon copy George Benson guitar noodle, before adding a suitably saccharine horn stab on "It's You, It's Me". Make no mistake, this is clearly stuff catering to the commercial crowd. You know - those clubbers who're into stylish 'n sophisticated sounds that aren't about pushing the envelope into any deep, funky or necessarily progressive territory.

Which means that 2 Lani rarely showcases any deck skillz, focussing instead on sculpting a suitably polished sound sheen. Actually, whether he has his own turntable tone or not, never really matters. His "original" mixes seldom stand out from any credited renditions, with only the "kwela", "dub" and perhaps "club" mixes of tunes aspiring towards a homegrown flavour. So, yes none of this is horrible or alienating in any way at all. But is this "First Class"? Probably not - it's difficult to imagine the discerning clubber gaining VIP access with this ultimately bland set of house beats.

Any compilation that has proudly champions it's "First Class" status is either way confident or merely posturing. So is this really "first class house"?

jacqueline 2003/11/24 11:46 PM
2 lani too laid back the 'deeper sound of...'collection by USM records
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