Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

2011-07-07 14:55
Hey, everybody likes the Foo Fighters, right?  Let's face it – they're likeable guys, and they seem to be in on the joke. The worst thing anyone can say about them is that they're a bona fide rock n' roll band that likes guitars, rocking out and generally smiling a lot. So what's the problem with that?

Problem with that – and with Grohl's history – is that it becomes easy to hail anything they do as the last great beacon of said rock n' roll. It's easy to give them the benefit of a collective doubt.

The trick then is to try to isolate Wasting Light as a setup (we went to Dave's garage and recorded on analogue tape – back to basics, man) and delivery. In this case, a fairly good back-to-basics rock n' roll record that's big on the noise (yay) big on guitars and drums (yay) and big on musically enchanting moments (yay).

Channel24 interview with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

But it's also unexpectedly and inexplicably light on memorable or charismatic lyrical hooks.  Or maybe to put it more practically: most of the songs – actually all of them – seem to start out very interesting, but end up going too many places to keep track.

There are perhaps moments here and there - on "Back and Forth", "These Days" and "Dear Rosemary" come to mind - that hints at what should have been, but for the most part Wasting Light ends up sounding like a collection of meandering and overcooked  lyrical threads that dead-end without much wrap-up. A bit of judicious cropping of ideas might have turned most of the songs into classics.

Apparently they didn't use any computers. They should've used an editor.

Alpha Mike 2011/06/22 7:32 AM
Just like with every previous Foo Fighters album you start out liking it and after a few listens you end up loving it. They grow and grow and grow on you.
Dracolusus 2011/06/22 9:13 AM
@Alpha Mike Thats not what the review said...they basically said its lacklustre. I personally have had the album 2 weeks before it came out here and it has an old school Foos vibe. And it is simply brilliant. Well worth any Foos fan's attention, even non-Foos fans should take a listen.
monkeyonacid 2011/06/23 10:42 AM
Yeah, Another shining example why you cant take Music Reviews from Channel24 serious. They just dont know what their talking about.
Art 2011/06/27 10:28 AM
A reviewer has to take an objective point of view. You cannot review anything if you approach it as from the view of a fan. Research was done to write the album review and the approach of recording the album was also taken into consideration. Their 'back to basics' approach didn't filter into the songs themselves, hence coming accross as an album that 'conceptually' should have been better executed. For me, if a band goes back to basics, I expect back to basics: recording process, song writing and structure included.
BoBofWaR 2011/06/27 1:48 PM
This album is pure awesome sauce, and I'm not even big into the Foo Fighters. White Lime is one of the coolest tracks ever written. To call this album lackluster is an insult to good music. There are tons of cool hooks and lyrical parts to keep you entertained. This album is all about fun, and it seems to me the reviewer missed that and is criticizing it because its not as formulated as more "hit" Foo songs.
rickiboobi 2011/07/28 12:46 PM
Awesome album
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