Foto Na Dans

2007-07-31 13:19
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PS: Where were all the Law and BCom students? Is the rumour true that they actually study - or don't they dig roughing it the Bohemian way?

* FND finished recording their first full album last week. It will be launched and in stores from September. Watch this space for more info and maybe even a video of the launch party.

- Annel Malan

We hauled Street Review off to Stellenbosch’s main jol, Bohemia. Meet a cast of wannabe photographers, fashion designers and a BA student who rate Afrikaans garage rock band Foto Na Dans’ self-titled EP. Finding pretty babes and a passionate bloke to interview has never been this easy....

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not one of them... 2007/08/01 6:23 PM
ONLY if you're pretentious enough... It's hard fitting in in bohemia when you're a law student who doesn't ONLY wear 2nd Hand most people want to have fun when they go out and not sit around pretending to be cool... FND is VERY cool though, love their Soldaatvolk video!
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