Foto Na Dans - Intervensie

2007-09-18 12:24
Foto Na Dans aren’t the carefully packaged cocktail of Nudies and Van Coke that sycophantic Fokof fans might have you believe. For starters, Le Roi Nel (vocals), Neil Basson (guitar), Theuns Schoonwinkel (bass), Dirkie Uys (drums) and Alex Fourie (trumpet, keys) are actually classically-trained musicians. No lo-fi garage rock bluster required here then.

Instead the band fires up a stadium-sized set of pedal to the metal powered mosh-pit party starters (“Betwyfel Bewiging”, “Intervensie”), scorched progressive rock seizures (“Oorywerige Gelowige”, “Die Ligste Skadu”, “Vergeet Van My”) and yes, dangerously donker symphonies about the banal days of our Bellville lives (“Met ‘n Laaste Asem”, “Die Wals”).
Make no mistake Fokofpolisiekar’s barb wired socio-pathological survey of everything that’s rotten in the Rainbow Nation suburbs has fuelled the rage in FND’s machine. But where Fokof’s rebel hell yells like "Brand Suid Afrika" sought to flee from the sins of their fathers, by imagining a “Hemel Op Die Platteland” ruk en rol utopia, FND want more.

Sure they nail the horrifying moment when you realize you’ve somehow become the mirror image of your parents ("Soldaatvolk"). And yes, they’re happy to stew in their own existential juices (“Ek is blind en voel verwaarloos/Verkrag met skerms oop”) while giving thoughts of murder (“My gedagtes behoort agter tralies/Daar’s net plek vir een in my kis”) and suicide a little too much airtime.

But remember, the album is called Intervention for a reason. Correct. What Foto Na Dans want is nothing less than deliverance from the whole 'evil' white Afrikaner guilt bull shit. Do they get it? Well, let’s just say that the quiet-to-loud caress of epic finale "Oorwinning Sonder Prys" speaks volumes.

- Miles Keylock

Imagine Fokof and the Nudies scoring a symphony with Muse and you’ll know exactly where Intervensie is on the progressive rock map. Actually, any ‘sum of their influences’ kiss-off doesn’t come close to nailing what makes Foto Na Dans so awesome.

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bellville mother 2007/09/16 10:22 PM
why they are disillusioned they are white boys growing up in a nation in which their parents had it all, and they have nothing (as far as the future is concerned). so let them rant, they have more guts that we as their parents have.
Samsung 2007/09/19 8:37 AM
Brave and bold I only listened to the snippets of the album here on, but I definitely want the album now! I think it's very interesting, progressive and brave. They have 'fokof' big shoes to fill, so well done to them.
bewonderaar 2007/09/25 11:22 AM
bietjie van als ek het nie gedink daar sal weer n band na fokof wees wat ek na kan luister en dink dat hul die reinige waarheid sing nie. die woorde maak my soms kwaad en ander kere laat dit my net dink aan die mensdom! ek like julle musiek en hou asb volstroom aan daarmee. ek hou daarvan om vir my broer in londen, wat neil ken, te kan se dat dit goed gaan met julle! sien uit na julle volgende gig!
jezebel 2007/10/09 12:48 PM
far beyond fokof Foto Na Dans don't have anyone's shoes to fill; if you listen carefully to the music they make, you'll hear very clearly that though they might have been inspired by other bands, they're following their own threads, and they're finding their way fast. Comparisons with other Afrikaaans cult heroes are quaint (for the sake of it) but limiting at this stage (with all due respect to the inimitable Fokofpolisiekar, and the promise of the Van Coke Kaartel.)
Gerhard Bester 2007/11/24 5:32 AM
They are in fact better than fokof.
Sally 2008/04/03 11:50 PM
Samsung - or is that Sam Brighton - supporting your buddies? You wouldnt know progressive and braveit bit you on the .... Poor mans rock in keeping with Afrikaans music in this country.
Melissa 2008/06/05 5:57 PM
force 2 b reckoned with... Welkom my naamgenant die ontmoeting is 'n eer Ek groet met 'n glimlag van jou onsekerheid bekeer Ek wroeg en ek veg en ek skree vir 'n kans 'n kinderboek prentjie, 'n foto na dans... -Oorwinning Sonder Prys-
Lee 2008/07/15 5:49 PM
Oh please Foto Na Dans is all hype. Love it when a critic falls for hype...that's always funny. Exactly....Fokof and Nudies wannabes, these boys.
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