Foto Na Dans - Pantomime op Herwinbare Klanke

2009-05-25 12:41
This EP was put into my dusty paws by Liny from Rhythm Records at Oppikoppi, just before the Foto na Dans set. I didn't really want it. Last time I'd seen Foto, at the previous Oppi, I didn't like them that much. And their debut album, while competent, didn't exactly get me excited.

To cut a short story even shorter - watching them at Oppikoppi this year reminded me of catching the first Nude Girls gig at Up The Creek, when they moved into their heavy phase post-Afterlifesatisfaction. Just a total cut above, a shift from cool band to world class. Gorgeous stuff, powerful, subtle, melodic without sacrificing aggression.

Apply the same adjectives to Pantomime op Herwinbare Klanke. When Le Roi sings "Kom ons maak 'n geraas/ dis tog beter as n' leemte," he's under-selling himself. Foto do much more than just fill a vacuum, they create their own space, and it's a place of thunderous emotion, with songs like "Wig" making a journey from introspective electronic to resounding rock-out.

The title of the EP is ludicrously self-important, of course, but I suppose that's what makes Foto na Dans so popular. They appear to be believers, although a non-fanboy listener will occasionally long for just a little trace of irony to leaven the offering. Overall, though, Foto na Dans have produced a work of magic, and one that does justice to their wonderful stage presence.

Equal parts bombast and brilliance, Foto Na Dans' new EP is the work of a rapidly maturing band.

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