Fountains of Wayne - Traffic and Weather

2007-09-13 08:46
Fountains of Wayne churn out fountains of sugary, ELO flavoured (“Someone to love”), Stones Flavoured (“’92 Sabaru”), Lennon Flavoured (“Traffic and Weather”) and Beatles Flavoured (see ELO-Flavoured, Lennon-flavoured) tracks. With a bit of Eagles, Wings, Jackson Browne and Randy Newman chucked into the mix. Sounds good, I hear you say. What is so awful about this?

Here’s what is awful: This is the radio playlist compiler’s dream some true. Fountains of Wayne are like Jet on steroids, or maybe ‘ludes. This is the jackpot: a pub covers bands who’re also accomplished enough to write and arrange “original” songs. Mika fans rejoice!

To real rock fans, hearing Traffic and Weather feels like ordering a beer and being sold cider instead. It's sweet in all the wrong ways, and sweet with white sugar not brown. Of course, with a super-ironic name like Fountains of Wayne, they probably know exactly what they’re up to, but it’s also hard to see the point of their existence.

- Jean Barker

And now for a band so damn nice and smug that you’re just too busy trying to find something or someone to punch, to put your finger on what's wrong with them. Until you do.

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