Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better

2006-04-03 15:51
The album sleeve is credit-free, with just cursive lyrics and a cover adapted from a socialist poster, and the music inside is a combination of pop with a kick, and punk polished to a stylish sheen that'll give it life beyond a night in stupid clothes being punker-than-thou over a few beers.

Franz Ferdinand basically double the fun of both pop and punk, throwing in a bit of camp flamboyance and art rock grit to give their music a sophisticated edge. They write verses that are just as tuneful as choruses. Their lyrics are invigoratingly sly and biting. They bound through the 13 tracks with the energy of Madness. If you listen closely, you'll notice how their music plays skilfully with rhythmic risks and varied timing, and always sounds easy to sing. But when you try, you find it's very hard to pull off with the panache they flaunt from the very first track, "The Fallen" : "So they say you're trouble boy / because you like to destroy / things that bring idiots joy / well what's wrong with a little destruction?"

You Could Have it So Much Better is a move away from the rainy day boyishness of their self titled debut, taking a knowing, taunting tone. Which makes sense.

They're no longer just a bunch of talented nerds. Franz Ferdinand are international rock stars now. Which means they can have whatever they want. They can sneer "I'm going to make somebody love me / Now I know that it's you / you're lucky lucky you're so lucky" and be believed. After all, arty groupies from their native Glasgow to Moscow are lining up to have their breasts signed by one of the least sexy looking bands on the planet because - wait for it - the music's so good!

They've let fame go to their heads in just the right way. It'll go to your head too.

- Jean Barker


...they come back with a big ridiculous stomper, a song whose hooks get so happily ballroom-glam you'd almost think they stole them...
- Nitsuh Abebe for Pitchforkmedia

Franz have elaborated on that sound of theirs subtly enough not to alienate their fanbase, yet also show the kind of growth one would expect from a sequel.
- Adrian Begrand for Pop Matters

... bigger, stranger and more complicated, but with a darkly seductive current that pulls you under for good.
- Alex Needham for NME

...plagued by the same averseness to surrender that hamstrung their breakthrough eponymous debut.
- Josh Love for Stylus Magazine
Franz Ferdinand's second album, You Could Have it So Much Better, was nearly named "You Could Have It So Much Better with Franz Ferdinand". The almost-was title epitomises their new swaggering, joyful punk attitude.

Goda 2006/01/20 2:19 PM
Franz F rocks I have this on my iPod and when it was still new, every time one of the songs off it popped up in random play mode, I'd think Jeeeeeeez... that's good. Who is it again?
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