Freddy vs. Jason OST - Various - Nu-metal - The horror, the horror?

2006-03-29 18:26

What sound exactly? Britney Spears, Ronan Keating - surely Nelly then? No such luck. In Freddy vs. Jason's universe of pain, dismemberment and sheer terror, evil is a far less insidious beast. It's nu-metal.

While adolescent headbangers might hail this as the best horror movie soundtrack in the world ever, it actually isn't even the authentic soundtrack to the movie. You see Graeme Revell - the composer who penned the film's score - gets his own CD. Which means that kids with an MTV attention span don't have to sit through those pesky "atmospheric" interludes or "scary movie" crescendos and simply enjoy the mosh mix.

Actually, the 20 tracks are a more than fair representation of the nu-metal mayhem being inflicted on the ears of unsuspecting youths across the globe. The much-hyped brand new track from Il Nino ("How Can I Live") is suitably anthem-driven, blending bombastic bass and drums with alternating vocal barks and angst-ridden attempts at 'erm, a melodic croon. In contrast Killswitch Engage's "When Darkness Falls" starts out as a savage cleaver to the skull in it's speed thrash assault. Yet is also ultimately let down by a constipated chorus flourish that sounds something like "When darkness falls, we are reborn". Ooh... scary.

Thereafter it's a showcase of "previously unreleased tracks" from a cast of lesser-known heavy rock upstarts including Sevendust, Murderdolls, Mushroomhead and even our own Seether. So does any of this actually sound evil? Maybe, but only if you're chilling out around the campfire, swapping Blair Witch stories. It's left to Slipknot ("Snap"), Sepultura ("The Waste" featuring Mike Patton) and maybe Devildriver ("Swinging the Dead") to invoke any really visceral danger.

Still, given that both Jason and Freddy are blockbusting horror franchises, at least the compilers were somewhat merciful, and resisted the temptation to trawl out Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park again.

"Evil has Two Names - But Only One Sound" the CD cover sticker ominously cautions. It's got a nice ring to it, hasn't it? I mean Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kruger vs. Friday the 13th's Jason - forget WWF this is the ultimate showdown in evil. But hang on a minute, "only one sound"?

goda 2003/11/21 1:20 PM
boring I hate few entire musical genres, but I make an exception for nu metal. If new metal were chocolate it would be that horrible cheap sweet kind they use in easter eggs. I mean, look at the way these Sk8ers spell it! Metal should be dark, suicidal, or sexy. Even silly and just loud. But this Oh Poor Me white suburban boy stuff sucks. Sorry. Black Sabbath - The Black Album
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