Freshlyground - Ma'Cheri

2007-10-04 16:59
But rather than start taking pot shots at its obvious commercial intent, consider this: where exactly should Freshlyground go after they’ve gone multi-platinum at home? Well, overseas, obviously. Right, of course. So is Ma’Cheri the CD to take Freshlyground global?

The band sure thinks so, which is why they’ve served up a melting pot of patented Afro-pop postcards that range from 1950s Sophiatown shebeen party starters (the title track) and mid-tempo maskandi-pop cocktails (“Ask Me”) to updates of Bright Blue’s landscaped Afro-pop prayers (“Baby Tonight”) and even a lilting African reggae-rocker (“Fired Up”).
Even better, they now showcase those bold and beautiful heartbreak ballads such as “Pink Confetti” and “Crimson Smile” alongside quirky pop throwaways like “Go Gorilla”. And just to make 100% sure they woo the pants off as many international punters as possible, they drop cooking inner city jazzy-house joint “Zulu Lounge” and mbaqanga pop jive party starter “Manikikiniki” into the mix for good measure.

Shucks, Freshlyground are so confident they’re going to go global, they’ve actually prepared local fans for their exodus. Yep, their closing hidden bonus track goodbye actually big-ups their homegrown audience of “air hostesses, street cleaners, bricklayers, school teacher, gold miners, game rangers, bus drivers, sangomas, soccer stars and gravy-trainers”.

- Miles Keylock

“Even though I have fat thighs, flabby arms, a pot belly gives good loving” teases Zolani Mahola playfully on the first single off Freshlyground’s long awaited follow-up to Nomvula. It’s an unrepentant Afro-pop frolic whose idiotically catchy lyrics are up there with “Doo-Bee Doo” as one of the most inane summer singalongs ever.

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Sithule 2007/09/05 8:45 AM
Freshlyground I like the group, it's african, original and smart.Love them
Gin 2007/09/05 2:16 PM
Can't wait So looking forward to hearing this one...
jennifer 2007/09/05 2:17 PM
zulu loung like so much....out of this world...
Claire Buthelezi 2007/09/05 4:06 PM
Freshly Ground I love them so much. Just the band members themselves portray exactly as I see SA - mixed and moving forward. Can't wait to hear the new single. Do you think they will ever come to London, hope so, cause I am dying for a taste of home and the other bands like Just Ginger etc, just don't do it for me...
leroy 2007/09/05 6:25 PM
Ma'cheri I lyk Zolani's voice,absolutely beautiful
Kgethi 2007/09/06 9:09 AM
Love Freshlyground I think they are the finest pop group in SA.Oh, how I love Zolani Mahola's melodious and infectious voice.You rock!
Nonkululeko Mchunu 2007/09/26 8:49 AM
What an anthem..... I heard it for the first time this mornig..and let's just say I've been smiling the whole day. Thanks Freshlyground
jloveu 2007/10/24 12:04 AM
lakkie 2007/10/25 1:07 PM
Potbelly it sums me up short and very sweet. The song's been in my head since i first heard it, and it is LOVELY! once again, i am in love with Freshly Ground...
bill thompson 2007/11/17 11:44 PM
pot belly just fabulous
Lulu 2008/05/05 3:44 PM
Canny but uncool This album makes everyone feel partly understood. It's "nice"
mel 2008/10/22 4:45 PM
hmm think its all very catchy and all the band-members are obviously really talented but i think they rely on their lead singer a little too much and sometimes sounds a little jumbled, also the lyrics are a little more commercial. my favourite song is still nomvula!
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