Funeral for a Friend - Welcome Home Armageddon

2011-06-01 16:15
The Post-Hard-Core/Screamo/Rock sensation that is Funeral for a Friend has at long last decided to grace our earholes again with the release of their fifth studio album, Welcome Home Armageddon.

The album sees the Welsh Rock band returning to their hardcore roots with all the ferocity of their debut album - Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation - embellished with a polished, structured efficiency acquired over their eleven year career.  

The band’s signature style of melodic riffs and powerful vocals by frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye is still the core element of the album, as evident in songs like "Sixteen". However,  the album also kicks you in the face from time to time with a much more brash sound in songs like "Front row seats to the end of the world" and "Spinning over the island".

INTERVIEW: Funeral for a Friend

The album is injected with a strong dose of nostalgia which feels like an intentional departure from their aspirations to enter the main stream market which became apparent in albums like "Tales Don’t Tell Themselves".  After spending the better part of their career trying to move away from what they originally sounded like they have finally settled into their genre giving Welcome Home Armageddon an organic harmony that was lacking in some of their previous albums.   

Armageddon is the more fitting follow-up to Hours that I have been waiting for and I predict that the majority of the original Funeral for a Friend fans will agree that it is a very welcome addition to their discography. Though the album will most likely not gain them any new followers or get them any air time in the mainstream media, you get the feeling that they have already made peace with that.  


Fans will relish the Welsh rockers' return to their hard-core roots.
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