Gabriella Cilmi - Ten

2010-05-31 08:13

I feel that there's a double standard here. On the cover, Gabriella is only wearing a bra and a few rolls of film. Yet poor 17-year-old Miley dons some leather and feathers and she's advocating teen sex, according to the media. Fair enough – Gabriella didn't grow up in the nation's living rooms like Miley did, but still. She's only a teenager!

Her age is what makes her musical style that more interesting. This, her second album, contains lashings of disco ("Hearts Don't Lie") and quite a generous helping of synths and dance-inspired beats ("Love Me Cos You Want To"). It's rather unlike the soulful, chilled sound of her big single from 2008, "Sweet About Me". But don't assume that these two sides of her personality don't gel. She'll show you they do on the 'twenty ten' remix of that single.

"Let Me Know" and "Superman" retain their modern sound while slowing it down, and these songs give you a much better idea of what her voice really sounds like. "Defender" is a gorgeous ballad that uses the percussion to great effect.

The sassy, take-me-as-I-am (which is fabulous) attitude resonates through the lyrics. On "Invisible Girl" she matter-of-factly states "I've never been a diva but I won't settle for second best". While at first listen Gabby might sound something like Little Boots, more facets of her personality and style become apparent the longer you keep listening.

As a teenaged singer-songwriter, Gabriella has embraced the traits of her age while still letting her talent take centre stage. If this is what she's doing now, things are only gonna get better.

More spicy than sweet, Gabriella is everything your average teenaged pop tart isn't. Can you believe she's only 18? This dynamic darling is the chilli in your chocolate; the sour to your sweet. And you're forgiven for drooling over her gallery – is it even legal that she looks that good?

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