Gary Moore - Bad For You Baby

2009-01-30 15:51
Gary Moore
The one-time Thin Lizzy sidekick has been going since the 70s, rocking out, experimenting, but always returning to his first love, the blues. And Bad For You Baby is as blues as it gets: shoddy cover booklet, more cries of ‘baby’ than you could care to count, and balls-to-the-wall Les Paul solos.

In fact, Moore’s solos and licks are so punchy they make everything around them seem stale. The title track, “Bad For You Baby” begins like an inept whiteboy tribute to John Lee Hooker until he starts attacking his high notes and puts the doubters to shame. But the problem recurs: many songs feel too familiar and Moore’s fondness for vintage threatens to overpower his virtuosity.

Great blues has always been about standing on the shoulders of giants, but with Moore you wonder if it would have killed him to look a little further this time. Is Memphis Shred the only rocket in his pocket?

No, because the ten-minute "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" is all about soul. Moore slows things down, turns up his vocals and bleeds heartache all over the studio: fabulous entertainment. And that's the thing about singing about 'my baby' all day: you really have to mean it, be into it, for it to work.

But Bad For You Baby isn't a storyteller's album. It is a dirty old man with a guitar, a race to blues guitar infinity and beyond, and in that respect, Moore will always be a winner.
Dirty. Addictive. Goes well with whisky. Yup, we’re talking about guitar porn. Now, of all the guitar pornographers out there, Gary Moore is one of the most prolific, having released over 30 works of depraved electric smut in his career.

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