Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Searching for the Hows and Whys

2008-06-05 08:07
His debut album The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager saw GCWCF win millions of fans around the world, and cement him as a contender in the 'singer songwriter with attitude' category.

Although the quirkily titled Searching For The Hows and Why's is eerily similar to his debut, this doesn’t pose a problem. If you're a fan of British indie rock tinged with an effervescent emo feel - then this is for you.
Stand out tracks include "The Children are The Consumers Of The Future" (think the Violent Femmes cover of T-Rex's "Children of The Revolution"), the gentle finger plucking tenderness of "Moving Forward" and the Kate Nash duet "Better Things". Another noteworthy mention is "I Could Build You A Tower" - an anti-war song, with lyrics that teeter on the edge of naive.

Although Sam has always been a pro active rallyer for humanity and prone to political debate - this sounds somewhat juvenile. But still, a song you listen to - and think twice about.

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is one of those loveable sorts of artists, who you can't help but adore and Searching For The Hows and Whys is a triumph. Good to listen to on red wine, with a hazy head.

- Painter Jane

If you're one of those people who likes scruffy haired sensitive types who sing crushingly addictive songs about real things, that really matter, then Sam Duckworth - aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is the man for you.

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