Gift Gwe - Back to You

2007-11-23 15:29
That said, the title of Gift Gwe’s album is quite apt: “Back to You”. Remember Gift? Well, the Idols also-ran’s album is not half bad. Think poppin’ beats, upbeat tempo, and a jazz swing factor. Think smooth vocals, local laced with commercial elements, percussion mingled with electric guitar and intertwined with sultry sax. Picture red stilettos tapping, olives poked in martini glasses and velvety ripples of sound floating through wisps of curly smoke. And this is only the first half of the album.

The second half is more blues-sing to the rhythms, smooth with a tad of metro-sexual cool. Only problem is it doesn’t quite work for Gift. He’s just not that kind of guy. As “Chasing Lies” and “Madd Dogg” show, he’s more of a snap-ya-fingers sexy R&B a la Loyiso sort of smoothie.

Natalie Sineke De Freitas
What is it with South Africa and our Idols? We love them when they’re on the TV, but once they’re actually trying to make a living in the industry we ditch them like Britney ditches drug tests.

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