Glenzito - House Avenue V2

2008-12-10 16:43
He was the first DJ to release a mid-tempo compilation CD in the late 90s. He’s wowed us with lively but also deep funk house tunes ever since. His mid-tempo III project with DJ Bionic that mixed underground hip-hop tracks rocked every nightclub across the country. In he’s latest offering, House Avenue V2 he gives us yet another club banger! VIP hook-ups with Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler and Osunlade make this album a definite must-have for all the real makoya house fanatics out there!

Glen doesn’t dish out the usual fly-by-night commercial house tracks we hear on radio today. Although his ‘underground’ sound was frowned upon back in the day, over the years discerning clubbers have come to respect and appreciate his eclectic tastes with time. House Avenue V2 is dynamic, funky and very diverse.

It starts off with a detour from his usual deep house with the melodic sing-along “Don’t Waste Your Time” that’ll get you dancing in no time. Then we move on to slow burning grooves like “Love Can Damage Your Health” which is given an Afro-soul spin by New Jersey favourite DJ Dennis Ferrer. The sultry Sade-style vocals in this funky floor-filler are off-the-hook! Although the album does lose momentum with slow and monotonous tracks like “Expressions” and “The Promise”, this background chatter tip is very short-lived with up-beat teasers such as “Daylight” and “Hang Around” sure to rock any house party.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Glenzito has never been afraid to try out new sounds.

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Lesego 2007/11/05 2:40 PM
GlenZito: The Era Euphoria: described as a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania. Many believe this feeling is only achieved by certain stimulants, they clearly haven't listened to the new installment by Mr Tshinavhe or simply known as Glen Lewis. House Avenue V2 is simply one of those albums that makes you wonder why the skip button was never replaced by repeat. It has a slow, rhythmic start to it making the listener aware that they are about to go through a journey, a route to absolute house beats. Although I decided to listen to this on the background while earning my salary like most house offerings, I must say after a while I had to sit back cause goose bumps cannot be ignored. When "Champagne" and "Moving Forward" massaged my ears, I had no choice but move to the beat, an affirmation that champagne does move you forward. In summation this is a well rounded album and although others might say its too deep, in retort learn to swim ca
the phenominom 2008/05/15 1:57 PM
true house reflection good jod glen lewis.. this album is off the hook. u cant skip a even single a track.
saida 2008/09/11 3:18 PM
glenzito house avenue v2 it rocks
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