Gods & Monsters

2008-05-09 15:50
The track list is passive-aggressive, at times seeming ideal for the chill lounge, at others more suited to the main floor. “Tanta Pena” recalls Juno’s star techno turn in the Matrix: Reloaded soundtrack of a few years ago, and would suit any slow-motion sci-fi kung fu battle you could care to mention. The equally dramatic but more rock ‘n roll “Immaculate Crucifixion” lies at the other end of God’s & Monsters harder range. Driving in the city at night, these tracks really come into their own.
But sometimes you want to park your car and let dark musical ideas seep languidly into your head. Then it’s time to listen to “Mind of the Free”, a slow mover that you would expect to hear in a haunted cigar lounge. More trippy is “Tokyo Dub”, an ambient techno ode to that most impersonal of cities in Japan.

Juno Reactor is for loners, people who thrive on beats only they and perhaps a few other solitary souls can understand. If you’re one of them, Gods & Monsters is the UFO that’s been sent to come get you.

- Niel Bekker

Juno Reactor isn’t afraid of anything. The UK electronica icon’s latest album, Gods & Monsters flirts with orchestral music, funk guitar, hard-driving jungle and techno without seeming out of its depth.

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