Goldfish - Perceptions Of Pacha

2009-03-24 09:13
Perceptions of Pacha has everything for everyone. It’s jam-packed with soulcandi sound bites, soothing lounge music, groovy dance tunes and jazzy up-tempo beats. Although there are disappointing moments - radio edits of “This is How It Goes” and “Cruising Through” sound exactly like their originals, just shorter – the rest of the album is definitely worth your while.

These multi-talented, jazz-trained musos open their set with the soulful and emotive “Sold My Soul”. Its distinct African rhythms, the percussive background rattles and guest vocalist Max Vidima’s hypnotic baritone chant add some flava to the song making it an exceptional piece of artwork. Nowhere but in Africa can this kind of sound be found. First single “This is How It Goes” may start off on a bad note with some feeble soul ‘diva’ vocals, but Monique Hellenberg soon becomes stronger and more focused as the song progresses.
While bubbly jams such as “Hold Tight” and the synth-driven “Are You Lulu” will make anyone bounce around the dance floor, Perceptions also has laid-back, jazzy dinner party tunes including “Just For Tonight” and “Coming Home” which either have a powerful saxophone solo surfing the groove or a faint piano decorating the background. Then there’s the vibe-y “Cruising Through” which would make anyone wanna stand up and start a revolution.

If you were unsure about Goldfish, this album will dispel any doubts you had. These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to giving dance music a makeover!

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Last year ‘Goldfish’ was the word on every dance lover’s lips. Their jazzy, deep house tunes combined with live keyboards, saxophones, double bass, synths and effects gave them a very quirky, but hypnotic sound that got everyone who’s into electronic music hooked for life. The duo’s self-released debut album Caught in the Loop hit the South African scene by storm. Now they’re back with an international record deal and a new album that promises to be a worldwide hit.

Andrea 2008/03/18 11:24 PM
Weehaa - the Fishies strike again! I feel your sentiments entirely! The new album is everything and more than we could ever have expected for 2008. I feel proud to be a fellow South African! Although I must add, I’m all for constructive criticism – but surely a music critic of your stature should understand that a radio edit is just that!? A shorter version for radio formats? Secondly, you really should give Ms Hellenberg’s “This is How It Goes” another listen, I’ve never heard anything MORE soulful and LESS diva in my life! All good though – here’s to the Fabulous Fishies!! May they continue keeping us Saffas on the map!
Ziyaad 2008/03/24 2:08 PM
Well done Goldfish I love these guys... they're soooooooo good!
james 2008/11/30 10:24 AM
hot dawg i reli wana bye it bt cant find a site i can download it from it rocks peeps!!!!!!!!!!! especially track 3
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