Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

2008-04-04 16:35
Initially, it’s about as appealing as a rugby player in a milkmaid’s outfit. But give it a spin or two. It’s really just as delicious the pictures of Alison on the cover – a knee-melting, breathtaking cross between a milkmaid and a buccaneer girl – photographed in the late Polaroid-gold light of late afternoon.

There’s one or two sloppy pop songs ("Happiness", and "Caravan Girl"), but instead of whips, chains, paten leather and restraints, this Seventh Tree captures you with close whispers in the ear, delicate shivery finger brushes, wildly scented petals and a silk blindfold, gently tied.

This shimmering seduction has its painful side, though. Floating boyantly on the minor-key melodies and sweet harmonic layers are stories of heartbreak and alienation, told with disarming vulnerability and beautiful scorn.

- Jean Barker

This psychedelic, seductive collection of romantic mind games has a sweet, dangerous sheen. But nobody could have expected Goldfrapp to share a wineglass of liquid LSD and produce this psychedelic, folksy, pastoral, retro and utterly gorgeous romantic comeback.

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