Goldfrapp - Supernature

2006-03-30 06:50

Like whipped ZZ Top blended with Air, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory's electro pop is immediately sweet and unmistakeably strange on the opening track. Her grainy vocals makes for music that's both mocking and infuriatingly catchy.

Too much radio friendly pop sounds cheap and nasty. But true pop fans lust after a band like this. Goldfrapp deliver pop's accessible sonic pleasure but without pop's excessive idiocy. You can sing along, and the words are simple, but they mean something. Goldfrapp are glam, theatrical and elegant. This is the perfect pop fare for arty types who can't deny their inner silly party animal.

Goldfrapp always keep it just a little dark, just a little mysterious, occasionally pushing you into camp territory, with string arrangement and short slow movements within tracks. Alison Goldfrapp started off as a vocalist on Trixie's Maxinquaye while she was still studying fine art. She enjoys the power of show, having first used music to accompany her installations.

he sinister kinkiness that sold Goldfrapp in the first place is still there. Alison sings "I wanna ride on a white horse" to whip crack sounds. She mocks a younger competing woman. She's Kylie's REAL bad sister, taking pop and adding a crashing kind of buzzing industrial fizz to it, and a cynical world-weariness. Her lollypops are whiskey flavoured. She wears too much mascara.

How does Supernature compare to previous Goldfrapp albums fans may own? Well, it's not as lascivious and deliciously trashy as Black Cherry (2002) or as daring as the more avant garde Felt Mountain (1999). It's less experimental than either, and slickly plays the listener, balancing mainstream appeal and Goldfrapp's pure pop cheek.

Many will say they've sold out. If they have, who can blame them? It takes two to tango (or polka in the case of the wonderful "Satin Chic") and it's hard - maybe impossible - not to buy into music that's just such great fun.

- Jean Barker

WHAT OTHER CRITICS SAID seems to have forgotten what in the world it was meant to offer in the first place.
- Nitsuh Abebe for

Hopefully the mainstream fame this album seems designed to deliver will give the band the confidence they need to get back to what they do best: discovering new, bizarre and beautiful musical worlds.
- Jaime Gill for

Goldfrapp are frothy, musically solid, poppy, but smart as hell. Supernature proves they're still the coolest thing on the mainstream pop market.

Eileen 2005/11/25 8:37 PM
Supernature I think it is very them yes
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