Good Charlotte - Greatest Remixes

2009-01-13 16:14
Good Charlotte

Well, let’s see. Just-before-Christmas release date? Check. A sprinkling of dodgy unreleased material? Uh huh. No-name DJs? Yes. It’s a cash-in, folks, and it shouldn’t waste any of your precious shelfspace. Even the cover is a rip-off: look up the work of British artist Damien Hirst.

A handful of passable mixes will bring a smile to Good Charlotte’s most devoted fans: “Anthem” has a great comedic interlude, “Girls & Boys” retains some of the original’s simple charm. But mostly, overwhelmingly, this tracklist is a singles party worth of bad dates.

A remix album is something you should be able to dance to. Greatest Remixes is something you would like to dance on, only after setting it on fire.

Say what you want about Good Charlotte – they know how to write a catchy tune. So why is Greatest Remixes so…. uncatchy?

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