Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

2007-07-22 11:30
Think skinner-fuelled big-beat, hop-along and sing-along spastic rock complete with metronomic hi-hat hits, four-on-the-floor bass kicks, distortion-drenched guitar riffs and chord-shredding, soul-soaked riot grrrl lyrics. Mutant disco-rock resurrection "Listen Up” is the kind of garage-soul Meg White would have made if she had hooked up with 60s girl group guru Phil Spector instead of frat-blues rocker Jack. Hell, Gossip is so unquestionably cool that their album cover art is designed by none other than post-punk godmother, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

- Miles Keylock

Reckon all guitar-obsessed indie rock bands do is skulk around onstage stroking their creepy pencil-thin moustaches? Not Gossip. On Standing in the Way of Control heavyweight warbler Beth Ditto and her sleaze boys unleash a tight-assed, 10-mosh, 30-minute post-punk zinger guaranteed to make you lose your stuck-up shit and hit the dance floor.

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nigel 2007/07/27 5:42 PM
album cover What was Kim Gordon thinking?
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