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Grammy Nominees 2005! - Grammy Nominees

2006-03-29 20:50

Grammy Nominees 2005 opens with the wonderful Black Eyed Peas', "Let's get it started". The CD cycles through 21 hit songs, all nominated for the big yearly musical awards.

Since there are 107 categories, each with five nominees, not everything nominated is on the CD. So some of the cred for what lands up there goes to the record company that compiles the CD.

This year's CD is by EMI Music - the big music distributors like Gallo, EMI and Sony/BMG take turns doing the yearly Grammys album. It's pretty much along the lines of Gallo's 2004 CD effort - an amusing experiment might be to go check out the tracklisting there, and see what you actually remember!

Like the previous CD, Grammy Nominees 2005 underlines the trend that shows soul, RnB and hip hop pretty much becoming pop, and the variety of musical styles that make the hit parades is certainly growing.

One thing doesn't change though: time always tells who's really got talent, and the artists that have it, like Black Eyed Peas, show up again in the list. Justin Timberlake, Sean Paul and so many others have sunk without a trace during the course of a mere 365 days.

Analyses aside, the 2005 CD provides an entertaining overview of the hits. Of course, overviews bring bad with the good, and you must endure selected garbage like Usher's "Burn", Green Day's bland punk sing along ditty, "American idiot" or John Mayer's bland award-winning "Daughters", to name but a few culprits.

And if you go for schmaltz, you're in luck! Josh Groban, Seal, Evanescence and Sheryl Crow are delighted to dish up great big, overblown globules of unadulterated sentiment.

But cool global pop artists like Alicia Keys and Norah Jones, as well as the new work of skilled old hands as diverse as Brian Wilson, Jill Scott, Elvis Costello, U2, the Beastie Boys and Prince, more than makes up for the minor irritations.

New arrivals on the headliner scene - the sweet rockers Maroon 5, the prettily unoriginal Joss Stone, and country girl Gretchen Wilson - also do the mix no harm.

- Jean Barker
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" assembly of r 'n b, hip hop, pop, rock, country, rap and soul songs tenuously linked by the fact that they've all been nominated for a Grammy award. And, mostly, played to death over the past 12 months."
- Nils van der Linden from

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The Grammys CD packs in the hits. This isn't always a good thing - the variety of styles and the incredible variations in quality make it yet another one of those "something for everyone, everything for nobody" CDs. On the plus side, there's more good stuff than bad.

Ryan 2005/02/01 11:59 PM
John Mayer This is one of the best and most tallented young song writters around at the moment. He is an absolutely brilliant guitarist, with a great vocal style. Daughters, is such a cleverly written song, along with the other 9 on the album. Every song is brilliant. So I disagree with the person reviwing John Mayers song (Daughters). He clearly knows nothing about music and tallent and should not even be employed to write such a mindless comment as to say the song is bland. If anything, the inclusion of John Mayers hit on the grammy album, should make it worth buying. Groups like Black eyed peas should not even be at the grammy's with thier mindless lyrics and a song that sounds like all the other pop groups around. John Mayer Rocks! John Mayer-Heavier things
Ryan 2005/02/02 12:06 AM
Collective Soul-Youth Collective Soul's latest studio album called Youth was released in December 2004, but we in South Africa still await the arrival of this brilliantly produced album. I had it imported from the USA and it was certainly worthwhile doing so. It's a classic Collective Soul album, with 11 catchy tunes and great guitar riffs. The album was produced by the singer Ed Roland who did a great job, with catchy loops and some very clever ideas. Get it, it's worth every cent. Collective Soul-Youth
Jean Barker 2005/02/04 10:13 AM
Ryan - some things you might know / like? er... ok I'll just focus on the music. If you like John Mayers, you might seriuosly want to check out two other artists if you haven't already - Dave Matthews, of whom I'm am a huge fan. In particular his solo Some Devil. He has a similar voice but much more interesting musical arrangments and melodic feel. And then David Foster, who's South African... type their names into the entertainment search at the top of the music page to find the reviews, which have sound clips. Dave Matthews - Some Devil
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