Grand National - A Drink and a Quick Decision

2008-07-11 17:29
You'll hear E.L.O. harmonies gliding pensively over a bed of Police-style plucked sounds on "Weird Ideas at Work", retro boingy-boingy sampling on "Reason to Hide In", and the long phrases of 80-90s alternative acts like New Order and the despair of the guilty unconfessed in the bleakly sighing harmonies of "Animal Sounds".

Grand National beat Hard-Fi at the sensitive-lad game with "New Space to Throw" - even the worst track on this CD is something special. The lyrics, though sparse, all seem to mean something. What are the stories behind it all? What happened that was so bad? Well fortunately, the words are so open-ended that you can easily make it all yours.

French outfits like Air and Phoenix proved sophisticated pop was possible. Grand National put the hooks in class. Which makes A Drink and a Quick Decision an essential buy for eighties-radio-music fans who would like to listen to something less embarrassing.

- Jean Barker

The ingredients of good pop music, like the ingredients of a master chef's food, are rarely original, and Grand National's is packed with the best organically grown British and American sounds.

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