Gravity's Grace - 20 to 5

2007-10-28 06:34
All 12 pop-rock tracks are dull. Dull because these guys sound like every other middle-aged all male band out there. You can’t help but feel that you’ve heard these songs before, especially “Unbreakable” where they seem to have borrowed a page straight out of the Backstreet Boys songbook. Check out these sappy lyrics: “Nothing to say- Comin’ down, turn around/When did you become what you are…Unbreakable.” Queue the fake rain? It’s as if they all sat down together, watched VH1 and picked all the best bits of the late 80s early 90s pop rock bands and compressed it into an album.

Still, slating aside, musically these guys really know what they are doing. However inorganic they initially seem, their melodies and vocals are strong and the sound engineering is flawless. So on the one hand 20 to 5 is great attempt from another talented SA band. On the other it’s proof that some SA musicians are still hanging on to the coat tails of US bands with a deathgrip.

- Erica Chidi

Gravity’s Grace sounds like a weird mix of Huey Lewis and The News and the Backstreet Boys. But hey, you decide if that’s a compliment. It’s obvious that this SA band tried really hard to create something organic and exciting with 20 to 5, but gee did they fall short.

morne 2007/10/31 8:19 AM
Gravity's Grace Well Erica would you like everyone in south africa to sing kwaito or afrikaans?
Chris Bez 2008/01/22 7:42 PM
Thought it was brilliant! Wow - Erica Chidi is spewing hate here... My goodness - someone from the band obviously managed to tick her off royally... I'm proud to wholeheartedly disagree with her assessment of Gravity Grace's effort - I thought it was a great album with some awesome tracks! Miles better than I had expected - and hugely underrated!!! Do yourself a favour - pick it up and have a listen - I guarentee you'll enjoy their brand of music! Nice one boys - top effort! Keep them coming!
Twanie 2008/02/14 2:58 PM
Loved it!! Awesome tracks! Wonderful to listen to. Enjoyed it.
Diana 2008/05/07 2:21 PM
Piece of art Knowing how much work and time went into this album, I can fairly state, "It sounds great !!!" Every song has its own story and you can feel every word. Good work guys. Looking forward to the next...
Andrea 2008/05/29 9:42 AM
Whatever!!! Gee, I think that this band is great, especially their song which is played OFTEN "What have I done". This review does no justice to this band what so ever...why even bother...I think you guys are great! Great album!
Harvey 2008/06/12 12:07 AM
Astonishingly refreshing I finally got a copy at the beginning of June 2008. I have been listening to the CD daily since then. It is a breath of fresh air when all that is heard on the airwaves is Rap, House, or some cover revivals of 60's and 70's tunes. Laurence is an accomplished songwriter, the band clicks, the tracks are diverse enough to make them all hits, and not just another one hit wonder SAW outfit. Mature, gritty, and good enough to compete internationally. A band's quality is also not just in a studio production, go listen to them live, they sound as polished as in the studio. Face it, local is lekker Erica.
Jurita burger 2008/06/17 1:19 PM
man this ROCKS hehe i know this is going to be super wierd so prepare yourself. . . i know them :) hehe btw they really apreciat (how ever you spel that) all their fans. . . ok my personal thoughts are they are really good, scratch that magnifico ! go Morne !whoop whoop!
Nick 2008/07/02 2:07 PM
A Million Miles is awesome Fire this reviewer. |A million miles is gonna be a huge hit!
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