Green Day - Awesome as F**k!

2011-06-02 00:15

But why? Almost everyone – even the most pompous music snobs of our generation - can admit to Green Day’s influence in music. They did the punk thing with Dookie. They damn near started a new-age punk Anti-Bush revolution with American Idiot.

And yet lining up all their good songs to be performed live across various continents all over the world does not necessarily make for a good album.

Admittedly, you do get that excitement-edge during the first listen. Imagining the scale of the crowd in London, or Dallas or wherever going nuts as the stagelights go on and Billie Joe Armstrong strums a note is fairly riveting.

The album even goes as far as including an extra DVD showing their spirited performance in Tokyo. Unfortunately the whole endeavour quickly loses steam as you become habituated and bored by the gritty, bad-ish quality recording as you realise that the show is just kind of going on without you.

There are some highpoints. A nice little pause before the dramatic chorus of Viva LaGloria! seems to rev up the crowd; Billie Joe screaming "Viva la revolution" in a mock ‘comrade’ sort of way  right before plunging into "Holiday".
You’ll recognise most tracks on Awesome as F**k! – some are legendary, others nagging radio "hits" that threaten never to leave your earholes. But they are all, with the exception of "Cigarettes and Valentines" decidedly familiar.

There’s lots of chanting "hey hey hey" and Billy Joe has plenty of opportunities to simply let the crowd do the singing. In fact, most of the songs on Awesome as F**k! are total crowd-pleasers.  There’s no denying that hearing a sea of people scream that first defiant line of "American Idiot" is totally awesome.

Awesome as F**k! is a little ‘meh’ at times but it does confirm the scope of Green Day’s authority. They have fans across the globe, have sold millions of albums and most kids listen to what they have to say, whether it’s a liberalist pseudo-political message or just a fun tune about a guy losing his mind.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s live! And it’s kinda boring.

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