Grime, Silk, Thunder - Ultra Nate

2007-10-18 12:05
Ultra Naté's 5th studio album takes the listener on a trippy journey through jazzy synthesized loops, funk-infused basslines, electronic effects, discoey beats and soulful vocals.

Unlike so many pop artists who "reinvent" themselves to appeal to the mass market of the time, when Ultra Naté's record label Warner Bros were pushing her in a more R&B direction away from house music in the mid 1990s, she refused to abandon her genre and left the label. And it paid off: two years later she released her biggest mainstream hit in the States.

Grime/Silk/Thunder is the perfect summer dance album that every house/club/dance DJ should have in his or her box.

- Megan Kakora

Grime/Silk/Thunder is yet another quality produced dance album with a groovy mix of electronica, garage/tribal/deep house, soul and dance pop.

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