Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol.4 - The Hip-hop Messenger: Back to the future

2007-08-14 16:33
Jazzmatazz Vol.4 follows suit by featuring VIP guests such as Common, Slum Village, David Sanborn, Damien Marley, Vivian Green and more. Guru’s all about self-improvement and always shines with his rather monotone flow. But this time around his featured guests are shining on his shine. For more clarity check out ‘State of Clarity’ featuring Bob James and lyrical ladies man Common, who lyrically kicks Guru’s ass. For a moment you’d think Common is the actual guru.

“Fine and Free” featuring soulful sister Vivian Green is a real cool summer breeze. Guru beats his own drum saying “Rich girls wanna empty out their trust for me”. Guru definitely talks the talk but does he walk it? “Fly Magnetic” with Dionne Ferris confirms he does. He explains what will happen once your girl takes one look at him.

Tracks that could score high on the catchy metre are his “Stand up (Some things'll never change)" hook up with reggae’s flava of the moment, Damian Marley and “Living Legend” with smooth sax man David Sanborn. The all star line-up and Guru’s track record will entice you to listen up, just bear in mind that nothing ever stays the same.

-Gugu Mkhabela
Guru aka Keith Elam is an acronym for Gifted Unlimited Rhyme Universal. He’s a gifted visionary lyricist and producer. His rhymes are tighter than Beyonce’s ass and his message is always universal. He launched Jazzmatazz volume.1 in 1993 fusing hip-hop and jazz, featuring a high calibre of musicians.

neo********** 2007/09/17 10:23 AM
da boom love the guys ill skills...he is the GURU>>>>No lie abt is a must budget for that end if the mnth......LOVE IT!!!!!!
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