Heinz Winckler - Moment of Truth

2006-12-12 11:05
Heinz Winckler has not only matured in terms of his persona, but his vocals have ripened with more control exercised over tricky chorus lines. There's none of that nervous tension, which could be heard on One Step Closer and Come Alive, in his third studio album. Nothing is forced and nothing is faked.

Moment of Truth is a great collection of love songs and toe-tapping pop with a rock/live band sound perfectly suited for radio. There's no doubt Winckler will soon be climbing the radio charts.

Heinz has surrounded himself with the talents of local musos such as Matt Marston, Ed Jordan, Quintin Delport, Hanif Williams and last but in now way least Johan Oberholzer. He even lends his own songwriting flair to a few tracks such as "Runaway Lover", "Love Will Breathe" and the album title track "Moment of Truth".

It's obvious that recent events in his life have had a major influence over Moment of Truth. Sorry ladies, but Hunky Heinz is a newlywed. He's even penned a nauseatingly sweet track "I Do" especially for his "girl with gold in her hair".

The good news for those who actually voted for Heinz in the 2002 Idols competition, Winckler has grown into his vocal ability and his new mature sound won't fade as soon as viewers turn off their television.

- Megan Kakora
Hunky Heinz has come a long way since his squeaky-clean image got women all over the country voting on the telephone. This is one Idol that won't lose its shine.

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Rezelle 2006/12/12 9:30 AM
Heinz you rock Hey Heinz just wanted to congratulate you on your new album it reallly is fantastic. I have been a fan since day one and hope to hear alot more good albums from you. Keep it up!
Petro Owens 2006/12/12 11:00 AM
Moment of Truth Heinz - you rock!!
BIANCA HUNTSTEAD 2006/12/12 12:52 PM
Heinz Winckler - Moment of Truth I think Heinz is bringing back a professionalism and quality to "pop" (as a genre) music.Heinz, if you read this, my only criticism is that there is not enough variety. I will buy your album and enjoy it, but will not be able to listen to it in one go- as one would have listened to the Beatles etc in your parents' era, the heyday of pop.
chellie 2008/03/08 8:49 PM
moment of truth i so love love supsd 2 be, it rocks so much i wana gt the cd. where can i get the cd????????
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