Hidden in Plain View - Life in Dreaming

2006-03-29 23:59

Quick history lesson for those of you who don't already know. Punk gave birth to hardcore, which was basically punk without the drugs and drinking, which then gave birth to emo (short for emotional) which is hardcore without the fun. Over the years, new bands have formed that have taken the concept of emo and made it more radio friendly by introducing pop and rock elements, giving birth to screamo, which is angsty power pop for adolescents who should really learn to relax and get out the house more often. Hidden From Plain View are one of these bands.

So if you're a suburban guy under the age of 25 who wears his baseball cap backwards and calls his friends “dude”, Hidden From Plain View's first album will be a perfect addition to your Nu Skool collection. If not, forget it. Life in Dreaming is yet another collection of formulaic bedroom anthems.

Like all well-produced, but uninspired fodder, Life in Dreaming remains inoffensive as long as you don't actually listen to it. If their hit song, "Bleed for You", came on the radio, your hands wouldn't instinctively reach up to protect your ears, causing your car to swerve into the oncoming traffic. But if you actually focussed on the whining, emotionally immature lyrics, you may well feel like cringing. It's like reading your teenage sister's secret diary. Embarrassing.

- Chris McEvoy


"This album is the perfect blend of aggression and emotion…This is the kind of album I love to play extremely loud."
- AbsolutePunk.net

"Need me to sum up Life In Dreaming? American classic."
- Ewo-Punk.com

Overall Life in Dreaming lacks a cohesive artistic voice due to a visible indecision of their purpose as a band.
- dailycardinal.com

Spend too much time in your room feeling emotionally tortured? Hidden in Plain View want to be the soundtrack to your life.

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