Hilary Duff - Most Wanted

2006-03-30 18:13

The music is the same innocuous stuff that you'll get from most hot blonde teen pop princesses. You know how it goes - when you hear the line "The beat of my heart" you can be pretty certain it'll be followed by "It tears us apart" and you wouldn't be wrong.

The music barely says anything at all and though it hasa bit of a kick, its digitally manipulated rock-pop tunes (and the odd house beat on zippy remixes of big hits) are all as easy on the ears as Hilary is on the eyes.

But though the music is harmless, Hilary Duff may not be. Why? Well, she played George Bush's inauguration and implicitly supports the USA's wars with appearances for military associations - see pic. She's not as harmless as she looks. Just ask Lindsay Lohan!

On the plus side, Hilary's also involved with various charities, including animal rights charities - she really loves animals so much that she even put a picture of herself and her mini-dog pet in the album art.

But what about the music? Look, that was pretty much covered by the first two paragraphs. Since you ask, here's more on that...

Musically, this is just silly fluff that is actually pretty pleasant, if you're honest. But the lyrics are beyond dumb. Take for example these for "Mr. James Dean": "Why don't you stop trying so hard? / Cause there's no men man enough to be / another James Dean".

Aside from the appalling grammar .... does Hilary know that James Dean was gay? It's laughable that - given her admiration for James Dean - she'd align herself with a conservative movement that often quite explicitly opposes gay rights, and has even revoked a few gay rights (like gay marriage in California for instance.)

If any of her music had been as socially opinionated as her agents would like her to seem, maybe she'd actually be important enough to consider a "star".

Still, the album is exactly what you'd expect. If you liked her radio hits, there's plenty more just like those on offer here, but it really is very, very silly music.

Enjoy responsibly.

- Jean Barker


her voice has neither the spunk of Lindsay Lohan nor the power of Kelly Clarkson, and there isn't enough here to warrant a purchase if you're already the owner of her back catalogue.
- Talia Kraines for BBC

Hilary Duff's work, the best of which was written mainly in collaboration with Dead Executives, is very sweet bubblegum pop, but it's not as harmless as it may seem.

someone 2006/02/13 12:24 PM
Oh my! James Dean was GAY?!?!
belinda 2006/02/13 3:09 PM
Hilary Duff I think her music is great and if it wasn't I wouldn't let my daughter listen to it. Comparing her to Lindsay....well we don't have to ask....Lindsay is your fav and besides have you heard any of her other music or even bothered to see any of her movies. Lets put it this way singing/acting.....Hilary has more sing/acting abilities then Lindsay!
Yuka 2006/02/13 5:26 PM
Miss Go Hilary Duff You Rock I love your music Metamorphosis
Warawarawarawa 2006/02/13 5:31 PM
Ruenghukguf You are kindof good maar afrikaans is nog steeds die beste afrikaaners is plesierig
Vanessa 2006/02/19 7:25 PM
Hillery Hillery you rock Kelly clarckson
vanessa 2006/02/19 7:35 PM
Hillary you rock,graet songs
k8 2006/02/27 3:44 PM
Teeny-Bopper Alert And the point would be???? The words are meaningless, the grammar is terrible but I guess her voice isn't too bad. The simulated drum beat is the last straw 4 me... With all that money can't you find a real drummer?? The Finkelsteins (SA music rocks!!!)
shalane 2006/03/08 8:59 AM
hillery duff This girl rocks you all should listen to her you go hillary and her new movie THE PERFECT MAN rocks tweak the lost boys club
angelique 2006/03/30 6:07 PM
Hillary You rock girl keep it up because you are just the best and k8 i think you suck
bernice 2006/05/14 8:15 PM
funky rock an pop music hilary duff is a gr8 singer and i love her music K8 suck because she says that hilary duff suck she must listen to the cd most wanted then K8 will definitly be hooked to hilary duff's music you go hilary duff do not suck at al
rowan 2006/05/17 10:12 AM
american stupidity Hillary Duff epitomises all the back-country redneck mentality of the Bush administration. She papers over mindless lyrics with those irritating bubblegum pop tunes that get stuck in your head and won't go away - like a chihuahua biting on your ankles. Her hypocritical ideals - supporting war but claiming to be an "animal and child lover" represent the stupidity of someone who has no real opinions, and became a singer because her voice is slightly above average and she has the looks and 'status' to sell albums to teeny boppers. The only reason I would buy this album would be to burn it, to stop some poor impressionable kid getting their hands on it. The sooner this 'pop queen' phase of music comes to an end, the better Dishwalla - pet your friends
Jade 2006/05/17 12:38 PM
She is just another clone Hillary is just another one of these "all american girls" who thinks she will become the next Madonna! She is like a little clone.
Seano 2006/05/17 4:47 PM
Here We Go Again Another pathetic wannabe of chick pop, she can't sing! If it wasn't for her acting career she would have never made it this far. It wouldnt be that hard to mistaken her for another singer, thats how un-unique her music is! Her songs are extremely uncatchy and anyone who likes her music does not know what true music is. She is really Hot though! Go Benji! Anything Other Than Hillary Duff
Denise Robertson 2006/11/05 5:54 PM
You rock Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you
Val 2006/12/21 12:32 PM
love! I love Hillary Duff! She's a great actress and a wonderful singer. She's everygirlz idol!
QADIRAH 2007/07/20 9:01 PM
DIFFERENT! this hilary duff is way different from the hillary duff in lizzie mcguire! she a great actress and singer. what can i say? she changed she doesn't have that spunk in her anymore.
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